General questions

You can download the e-vignette certificate at any time from your customer account. If you do not have access to your user account, use our order search as an alternative.
You will receive a certificate for the e-vignette as a PDF document with every order. This document serves to confirm that your e-vignette has been registered. However, the document does not have to be printed out. You also do not have to carry the document with you while driving.
No, you must always buy the e-vignette in good time before you start your journey. If you have forgotten to purchase an e-vignette, it cannot be purchased retrospectively.
You must buy the e-vignette before driving on motorways and roads that require a vignette. Please note that the e-vignette cannot be purchased at all border crossings and road junctions. It is therefore advisable to register your vignette directly on vintrica before you start your journey.
No, the e-vignette is completely digital. You no longer have to stick a sticker on the windscreen.
If you chose the Flex service during the order process, you can change your registration number at any time before the first day of validity via your customer account. From the first day of validity of the e-vignette, it is no longer possible to change the registration number. If you have not chosen the Flex service, it is also not possible to change the registration number.

Questions about the customer account

You do not have to register for a customer account before ordering. As a new customer, you can create a new customer account automatically when you place your first order. If you are already a customer, you can log in to your customer account during the order process.
If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgotten your password? function to reset your password.
You can change your personal data in your customer account.

Questions about payment & billing

Under current legislation, e-vignettes are not covered by the reverse charge procedure and must always be taxed in the country in which the vignette is valid. Unfortunately, we cannot therefore issue a reverse charge invoice.

Please first check the certificate that we issued for the e-vignette. There you will find information about the validity period, the registered number plate and the vehicle category. Make sure that you have not made any typing errors when placing your order and that all the information printed on the certificate is correct.

You must then contact the issuer of the toll fine. Vintrica does not issue the penalty notice and has no control over the penalty. You must resolve the matter separately with the issuer of the toll penalty. Vintrica has no influence over decisions about toll penalties.

Questions about the order process

Following successful placement of your order and payment for your e-vignette, it can take up to 10 minutes for the e-vignette to be issued. In exceptional cases, registration may take longer. During this period, you are still not allowed to use toll motorways and main roads. We will notify you by email as soon as your vignette has been issued. Only then are you allowed to use toll motorways and roads!
No, it is a digital vignette. You will receive a certificate for your vignette by email as a PDF document. You will not receive the vignette by post.
At vintrica, you can pay with any of the standard online payment methods, including PayPal, credit card and online banking. You choose your preferred payment method during the order process.
Yes, depending on the selected country and vehicle type, there are various validity periods to choose from.
Yes, if you need vignettes for several countries, different vehicles or various validity periods, you can register them in one single process. Simply add the vignettes you want to your shopping basket.
As a matter of principle, all orders from vintrica are possible without a subscription. We only offer an optional subscription for the annual vignette, which allows you to renew the annual vignette automatically every year. However, this subscription is completely voluntary. Further information can be found on this page.
First, please check for our email in your spam folder. If you cannot find the order confirmation, log in to your customer account. You can check the status of your order at any time there and download all the necessary documents.
Data protection is a particularly high priority for vintrica. We take numerous security measures to protect your data from access by unauthorised persons.

Questions about automatic renewal

With automatic renewal, your annual vignette is automatically renewed every year. This service is optional and can be added during registration for an annual vignette.
You can cancel automatic renewal up to 2 days before the next annual vignette fee is due. The due date is always 6 weeks before your annual vignette expires. You can cancel online in your customer account.
For existing annual vignettes without automatic renewal, you can activate the service in your customer account at a later date. As soon as your current annual vignette expires, we will automatically renew it.
No, vintrica offers its customers the exclusive automatic renewal service at no extra charge.

Questions on the vignette requirement in the Czech Republic

The vignette requirement in the Czech Republic applies to all vehicles with at least four tyres and a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tonnes. This includes cars, mobile homes, minivans, off-road vehicles, SUVs and pick-ups. A separate vignette is not required for trailers in the Czech Republic. Motorcycles and trikes are exempt from the vignette requirement.
No, a separate vignette is not required for trailers in the Czech Republic.
Motorcycles do not require a vignette in the Czech Republic.
You can determine the validity period of your e-vignette yourself when you buy it. The following validity periods are available:
  • 10 days
  • 30 days
  • 1 year
You can also determine the validity start date for your e-vignette.
Exemption from the vignette requirement can only be granted in exceptional cases and depends on whether your vehicle was registered in the Czech Republic.

My vehicle is registered in the Czech Republic

Vehicles with automatic exemption
  • Vehicles powered by electricity or hydrogen or equipped with hybrid drive (CO2 emission value below 50 g/km), if the vehicle is registered with a special Czech vehicle registration number.
  • Vehicles for the transport of persons with a Czech ZTP or ZTP/P type disabled person’s pass. In the event of a roadside check, the holder of the ZTP or ZTP/P type disabled person’s pass must be present in the vehicle and show the disabled person’s pass.
  • Vehicles for the transport of unattended children undergoing treatment for a malignant tumour or haemoblastosis. A medical report or other confirmation issued by a medical facility must be presented during roadside checks.
  • Classic vehicles assigned a special Czech registration number and a classic vehicle certificate.
Vehicles exempted from registration requirements
  • Vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen or are equipped with a hybrid drive (CO2 emission value below 50 g/km) without a special vehicle registration number.
  • Vehicles operated by homes for the disabled if they are used for transporting disabled persons.

Czech nationals can use the dedicated data mailbox and the identifier ws5mh9w to submit notifications.

My vehicle is not registered in the Czech Republic

An application must be submitted to exempt the vehicle from the vignette requirement.
  • Vehicles running on electricity or hydrogen or equipped with a hybrid drive (CO2 emission value below 50 g/km).

The application for exemption from the vignette requirement can be sent to the following address and must on all accounts bear an officially certified signature: Státní fond dopravní infrastruktury, Sokolovská 1955/278, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic. Kindly take note that post from abroad may take longer to arrive! We urgently recommend registration of the e-vignette if it is needed immediately.

Applications can alternatively be sent by email. In this case, however, the PDF application must bear a certified electronic signature according to the special legal requirements. The PDF application can otherwise be signed by a Czech authority.
The PDF application is available for download from the Sfdi website.